At Prescott Christian Church, we recognize parents hold the primary influence in the life of a child and are called by God to be the “primary disciple makers in the home” (Deuteronomy 6). Families come in all shapes and sizes, each facing their own opportunities, challenges, trials and victories. Our goal as a church is to come alongside parents by equipping and encouraging them as they pursue Jesus.
As we strive to make disciples starting in Prescott, Kidz Town focuses on teaching children to love God, love others, serve God and serve others. We would love for your child (and you) to be a part of that! During the 9:30a, 11a & 5p services, we provide a safe, secure environment for children to learn about God and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Birth through 2 Years Old

During every service, we offer a safe and fun environment right next to the Worship Center. We have amazing, background checked volunteers eager to show God’s love to your little one! Within our Nursery, we also offer a room for mommas that need some privacy to comfortably care for their little one without missing the worship service.

Klub House

2 & 3 Years Old

Klub House is offered during our 9:30a, 11a & 5p services. This is a fun environment for our toddlers to learn about God’s Word. We typically spend a whole month learning the same Bible story so they really grasp it. Our spunky, background checked volunteers love teaching this age group. We use Group Publishing’s Hands On Curriculum; it’s a two year curriculum that hits most of the major stories in the Old and New Testament.

Lego House

4 Years Old through Kindergarten

Lego House is offered during our 9:30a, 11a & 5p services. When a child turns four, they start building a strong foundation in their relationship with Jesus by learning how the Bible applies to their lives. Our curriculum varies, but our background checked volunteers are always ready for a fun time learning about God’s Word!

The Warehouse

1st through 4th Grades

The Warehouse is offered during our 9:30a, 11a & 5p services. This group learns how to store God’s Word in their hearts, just like a warehouse is used to squirrel away items. It is an energetic, fun and practical teaching environment for your child. There is a take home each week. It summarizes the lesson and gives pointers for parents to leverage the content throughout the week. 


5th & 6th Grades

Club56 is a ministry designed just for fifth and sixth grade students. We aim to have fun while learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. This group meets during the 11a service in Room 202.


For more information about the Children’s Ministry, contact Cory Chatham at or call the church office at 928-445-0680.